Leave my belly ring alone, please

A friend of mine recently told me I was too old for my belly ring. To that I say—PFFFFF! Or some other choice words. I have also been to told to stop wearing mini skirts, tone down the red lipstick, buy a house, start a family. So many things I’m supposed to give up and start doing any day now… Don’t you love how everyone else likes to tell YOU what you should be doing with YOUR life?

The same goes for writing. When I first started on my journey I heard so many rules about what I couldn’t do or HAD to do. YA can only be 1st person, YA can’t have too much sex, no swearing, can’t have a cliffhanger ending, can’t be more than XX many words…on and on. And true, there are some general rules about writing you need to learn. Proper grammar, sentence structure, basic plot outlines—you do need to master the basics to create a sucesful novel. But as far as content, POV, events, cliffhanger endings, character names…I do what I want! I repeat, I do what I want! And you should too…

It’s your life, your work. Follow the rules you must to survive and break all the rest!

What are your favorite rules to break? Writing or otherwise?

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