And I’m off..!

Today marks an incredible moment for me. I’ve bid farewell to the corporate circus that I’m certain was eroding my soul to write full-time! This was not a step taken lightly or with haste, but there are moments in life wherein we are on a precipice of decision–stay with what you know, or take a leap toward what you want. Eleanor Roosevelt said to do something that scares you every day. She’s one woman who I don’t mind listening to. Well, this first step toward the life I want is certainly terrifying. To kick it off, I’m currently sitting at the San Francisco International Airport, waiting to board a flight to Europe all by my little self. Armed with a backpack, rail pass and my little Chromebook, I’m not coming back for nearly two months. I’m kicking off my journey in Amsterdam; the home of Gouda, little Dutch houses and Anything-goes. I’m excited to share this adventure with my readers! Check in for updates and photos of my experiences. I’m sure this journey will be full of laughter, excitement and creative inspiration– with a strong shot of frustration, introspection and what-the-%$*&-did-I-get-myself-into moments. I’m going to enjoy every last minute of it.


Bon Voyage!

3 thoughts on “And I’m off..!

  1. Love you so much! Stay very, very safe and have an amazing adventure. Will be looking forward to reading your DAILY updates!!!!!! Have a great time! Auntie and Gang xxxooooxxoo


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